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What Should I do if I think I have Sleep Apnea?

What Should I do if I think I have Sleep Apnea?

If you suspect that you have a sleep disorder, a sleep study is the tool used for a diagnosis. A sleep study can be done overnight in a clinic or as an at home sleep study. That being said, your medical insurance policy will dictate the type of study that is required. The American Sleep Association recognizes FDA approved Sleep Appliances as first line therapy for mild to moderate OSA. Once the diagnosis from your medical doctor is confirmed, Dr. Giordano can help. He will design a comfortable, removable oral appliance that will place the jaws in the best position to breath, and the most comfortable and healthy position for your Temporal Mandibular Joints (TMJs). These appliances are monitored by our take-home sleep study kit to ensure maximum benefit.

In the past, the CPAP has been the only option given. It is still the preferred treatment for Severe OSA. Patient compliance for the CPAP continues to be very low, as it is loud and uncomfortable. If you are CPAP Intolerant, you can still be fitted for a sleep appliance as doing something is better than doing nothing at all. We have found that sometimes a greater outcome for Severe OSA can result when wearing both the CPAP and a dental sleep appliance.

Oral appliances are now a great choice for those who suffer from snoring and/or have mild to moderate OSAs and for those who are CPAP intolerant. . If you think you suffer from OSA, call our office today and schedule an evaluation. It all boils down to this: Sleep well – Live healthier – Live longer!