Insurance and Financing

Insurance and Claim Filing

We will submit all of your insurance claims and do any required follow-up with your insurance company.

  • It is our job to be your insurance advocate and get you the maximum insurance reimbursement you are owed
  • Even though we are NOT “in-network,” we still submit to ALL major insurance companies and work on your behalf to get you the reimbursements owed to you. Insurance companies are misleading you when they claim that our office “doesn’t take your insurance.”
  • Any balance that your insurance does not pay for is your responsibility. However, we have several financing options available to help you. (Please see the list below.)
  • We are always willing to submit prior authorizations to your insurance so that you know ahead what your plan will pay.
  • Almost all “in-network” dental insurance policies provide “out-of-network” coverage that is either comparable or exactly the same as their “in-network” pricing.
  • We only recommend dental work that you genuinely need, and we take the time necessary to do it well. We do not recommend treatment that is not needed to make up for low insurance reimbursement. Our focus is on quality of work, not on quantity.

Flexible Financing Options

These options are available to ALL of our patients, no matter if you have insurance or not:

  • Incentives to pay in full
  • Major Credit Cards accepted
  • In-office payment plans
  •  (* CareCredit for Dental Procedures)

I had been bothered by a painful, clicking, periodically sticking jaw for many years. My dentist referred me to Dr. Giordano. Now 6 months later my problem has been completely resolved. I would highly recommend Dr. Giordano and his entire staff to anyone seeking relief from pain due to a jaw problem. The kind and caring staff are always very helpful with any questions and concerns that I posed to them. I can’t imagine a more pleasant dental experience anywhere!

- P.B. Norwich, NY

"As an ENT, I routinely see patients who have TMJ concerns. I was so impressed with Dr. Giordano’s successful TMJ treatment for my son, that he has become the main doctor to whom I send my patients who have TMJ issues."

- Dr. Jeffrey King Binghamton, NY

"For some, jaw discomfort can be a problem. For me, it was a debilitating condition that honestly left me questioning how I could go on living! I didn’t laugh anymore, was always on edge around family and friends and co-workers. Physicians prescribed endless anti-inflammatory meds, I purchased expensive mouth guards, even my long-time dentist had little hope to offer…NOTHING worked! As a last resort, I was sent to a sleep disorder clinic. The study indicated possible TMJ issues and referred me to Dr. Giordano’s office. After a month of treatment, my discomfort was virtually gone, and with it the revelation of how low I’d gotten from my years of pain. It’s a thrill to say that I can carry on normal conversations now without discomfort, sleep better, breathe easier and I appreciate smiling again….such simple pleasures lost to an agony that dominated my life. Thank you Dr. Giordano and your incredible staff for your honesty, concern, and for listening….for giving me my life back!"

- J.G. Vestal, NY

"Our 19 year old son had been experiencing TMJ pain for over one year. After experimenting with other methods such as physical therapy and jaw manipulation and finding no relief, we heard about Dr. Giordano. Within four short months of treatment, he was pain-free and able to fully open his mouth. He remains pain-free to this date. We are so thankful to have found Dr. Giordano and his expert staff. We HIGHLY recommend them for handling TMJ issues."

- Monique Dekleermaeker, Binghamton NY

"After experiencing lock-jaw and pain while eating, I went to my “regular dentist” for treatment where I was dissatisfied with said treatment. Dr Giordano had a plan to correct the problem and by following the plan, the jaw is no longer painful. I only have wonderful things to say about the whole experience. The staff is especially helpful and friendly."

- S.G. Endicott, NY

"Dr. Giordano’s method of treating TMJ problems is in a class by itself. I discovered this after 40 years of pain, treatment attempts by 4 previous dentists, and more consultations than I can count. I am still comfortably wearing the first orthotic that Dr. Giordano made for me 4 years ago, and I am confident that when it wears out he will produce another successful one. My only complaint is that he has not yet promised me that he will never retire!"

- Lynn Acton, Berkshire, NY

"I began using the appliance and, almost immediately, I slept deeper and longer at night. Insomnia was my greatest symptom. The fading of my other symptoms, such as locking popping and pain in my jaw were just perks. Thanks for my appliance. When I wake up in the morning, I can actually say that I got a good night’s rest."

- L.S. Elmira, NY

"A referral from an oral surgeon to Dr. Giordano for my TMJ problems was crucial to my current well-being. Needless to say, the thought of living with my mouth not opening normally and with pain for the rest of my life was depressing. Thanks to Dr. Giordano, my mouth has now opened normally for over 10 years and my jaw has been pain-free."

- J.D. Owego, NY

"I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and given a CPAP machine. After two months of trying to use the CPAP device, I developed sinus and ear infections. My Dr. informed me that I could try an oral appliance that moves the jaw forward to keep the airway open. Dr. Giordano and his staff were extremely knowledgeable and friendly! They answered all of my questions and concerns. They contacted my dentist, as well as, my health insurance provider. Dr. Giordano examined me, took impressions of my teeth and fit me for the appliance. I’ve used it every night since I received it. Today I feel better, I’m well rested, and have my quality of life back! I highly recommend Dr. Giordano and his staff."

- A.P. Binghamton, NY

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