The Homeoblock™

Orthodontic Dental Appliance

Beginning in the 1930s and continuing for more than a decade, Dr. Weston Price began studying different populations around the world to evaluate general health, teeth, and airways. He studied indigenous communities who maintained a traditional diet with members of the same communities who consumed a more modern/industrialized diet. The modern diets introduced processed foods such as sugar, white flour, canned foods, jams, etc. The results were consistent no matter where the communities resided. Those people in communities who consumed a modern diet had these things in common: obstructed airways, many more cavities, crooked teeth, and overall worse heath. In addition to being much softer, modern diets did not contain the essential vitamins their traditional diets had. Dr. Price determined it was the lack of these essential vitamins that began changing the shape of our mouths and airways. The other major component to our physical degeneration is the lack of chewing. The modern processed diet is a soft diet that does not require much chewing. The foods our ancient ancestors ate required hours of chewing each day. This constant chewing created wide faces, mouths, and throats. As we began to chew less, our faces began to get narrow. Narrow faces cause narrow dental arches, crooked teeth, restricted/obstructive airways, mouth breathing and TMJ problems. Add to this polluted air and lack of proper breastfeeding and it is a wonder we can even breath.

Breathing through the nose is imperative for good health. It warms and filters the air we breathe. In addition, the force of air on the back of the throat widens the airway making breathing easier. In contrast, mouth-breathing creates far less pressure on the back of the throat allowing the tissue to lose tone and become flabby which, in turn, obstructs the airway.

The Homeoblock™ appliance works with the body so that physiological changes occur naturally. It is intended to assist in providing proper jaw positioning and creating more room for the tongue.

Clinically we can expect to see a wider smile and greater facial symmetry. Since the changes are physiologic and they allow the body to develop the symmetry it wants, the result is a proper alignment of the jaw which in turn improves our head posture. The development of the face and airway are linked. As we see changes in the face, we can expect improved airway toning as well.


The Homeoblock™ helps create proper breathing, tongue placement and chewing for better health. Some indications of the lack of cranial facial development include:

  • State of the Art Facility
  • Comfortable & Relaxing surroundings
  • Computerized Patient Education
  • Digital X-rays
  • CEREC: one visit crowns
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